Node-Red v1.2.7 and Dashboard Conflicts

I built a new system using v1.2.7. Thereafter, I was not able to load both palettes:

  - node-red-contrib-ui-actions
  - node-red-dashboard

I could load node-red-dashboard by itself.

Also, with only the dashboard palette loaded, the "layout" button on the dashboard "tab" panel would not display the graphical layout tool.

I built another system using Node-Red v1.2.6 and all is good with my palettes and dashboard tools.

Any ideas on why v1.2.7 does not work with my dashboard? How do I fix it?


Any error messages in the browser's JavaScript console?

I can't think of anything in 1.2.7 that would cause anything like this.


My first observation was when I "upgraded" from 1.2.6 to 1.2.7 and the dashboard palettes were not working.

I just now did a new install on a new Raspberry Pi Raspian lite OS. For the new install, all went well.

I no longer have the upgraded system to report an error messages.

Looks like something in the upgrade did not allow 1.2.7 to work properly.


It may have just been a browser-caching issue - where it still held old versions in the cache.

Thanks Nick. Alan

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