Parse Jason payload have space in its key field

I have run node-red on my android mobile & want to read mobile gyro sensor data using exec mode.
I get data as mentioned below.

16/08/2019, 18:21:48node: bmsg.payload : Object


BMI120 Accelerometer:object

values: array[3]

0: 1.7415618896484375

1: 5.5420684814453125

2: 7.62548828125

I wanted to parse data of array(Values).
But due to Space in "BMI120 Accelerometer" I get Syntex error.

How to handle space in JSON payload key??

I am new in programming so this may look silly question. Forgive for that.

You use [""]

E.g. msg.payload["BMI120 Accelerometer"]

This is the same answer I gave @ashish_8284 in slack before he posted the same question here.

To repeat what else I said in slack, this page in the docs explains how you can use the Debug sidebar to get the path to any message element -

Woring Function node is as below.

var value = msg.payload["LTR578 ALSPS"];
msg.payload = value.values[0];
msg.topic = 'X';
return msg;

Thanks for solution.