Pass a variable through nodes


I've searched about this issue, but I couldn't find anything.

Well, my problem is about configuring one netatmo node (, and using the node SETROOMTHERMPOINT, which has this parameters.

Node config

  • home_id - (required) Id of the home
  • room_id - (required) Id of the room
  • mode - (required) The mode you are applying to this room - manual OR home
  • temp - (Optional) Manual temperature to apply
  • endtime - (Optional) End time in second, eg. 180

I would like to pass from another node, a dashboard slicer, the temp parameter. This slicer set the msg.payload output the number I've select in the dashboard. For example, if i select 29 in this slicer, how can I configure the netatmo node to accept this payload and include it in its payload?
How could I configure this node to accept the parameter from the previous node??

Thanks in advance!

I isn't clear from the documentation, but looking at the code (which you can find on the node's github page) it seems that it expects it in msg.payload.temp. You can set by using Change node set to Move msg.payload To msg.payload.temp.

Hi Colin.

Just while i was reading the code, i saw your reply. I've seen the same, and finally it works. It should be nice if the documentation were a little bit better, but anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

You could submit an issue on the node asking if the author could clarify the docs. In case you didn't realise, the node is nothing to do with the node red core team.

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