Pass NR-data to modbus-tcp-client?

i have a HMI where i can setup multiple modbus TCPmasters to listen or write data to (for controling the individual technical equipment)... now i got many temperature sensor in my NR-setup i do like to pass to the HMI that only speaks modbus-tcp...

how can i put NR-data into a own holding register and use my HMI to call for it?

reading and writing from NR to a TCP-masters are no problem... but does it exist a module that enables NR act as a TCPmaster? :thinking:

thanks for reply.

Have you tried node-red-contrib-modbus it has client and server nodes

yes im working with that module, i might have been too hasty to giving up. Found some examples in the doc that might work. (does not include what i ask for but might be a workaround)

i come back with progress...

Did you look at the examples?

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