Pass string to IFTTT

Is there a way to pass a string to IFTTT notifications? I’ve tried node-red-contrib-ifttt but there doesn’t seem to be an option.
I can get a notification fine but I’m guessing I need to convert the String to a JSON object and then append pairs of curly brackets to each side before making a HTTP call, or is there a better way you’d suggest?

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I don't use IFTTT, but the node you have linked to, can indeed make use of values.

Using a Function node, sending this to the IFTTT Node, will be utilised by IFTTT in the way it is intended.

msg.payload = {
  value1 : 'Some Value',
  value2 : 'Some Value',
  value3 : msg.payload.someOtherValue

return msg

Read from source code :

It can also accept msg.payload.eventName - overriding what is setup In the node settings.
here :

I too haven’t had much to do with IFTTT since they stopped it being free. You used to be able to sent it 3 values surrounded by something. I think pairs of wiggly brackets. Now I think you can also send 1 JSON object. The reason I thought of using IIFTTT is that you still get 2 free “applets”. How do people round here get notifications to their phones for free? I imagine there is a way of doing in on Android with Tasker but this seemed sensible of I can figure out how to take a message and attach it to the IFTTT notification. It works fine as it is but I am limited to 2 different notifications with a free IFTTT account.

If you want to get notifications on your phone, I can only suggest what I use.
Disclaimer : There are plenty of others, and I am only stating what I use.

I use Pushover:

And a brilliant node for it:

Developed by our very own Node RED founders.

its purpose is for mobile notifications - nothing more, I use it to let me know if the home Security system has been triggered, and by what sensor

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I and other also use telegram and noder-red-contrib-telegrambot just set up a private group and add a bot using botfather. You can receive messages, files, send messages to node-red, and much more.


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