Passing link name to receiver link node to determine source

I have many nodes that go to a common link in node to get logged to a database.
All the link out nodes have names and i wanted this to show in the log.

i see that the link in node gets a property called "_event" with "node:NODEID" in it.

Right now i have to open my own flows.json and locate the node and extract the name from it manually.
I think it would be better if the link in node gets the name directly and put it in a property called "source_name"/"link_name" or something like that.

is that possible?

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That would make sense. We can get the done for 3.0

Should this be an array in case multiple links are passed through?

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Also another thing that would be helpful to me at least is another property called tag or something like that.

Usually when i use the link nodes i have a change or function node before it so that i can add some custom property's to the message.

Adding another property to the link node would make it possible to eliminate this.

i could then use the link node to add any extra info to the message. like "door_sensor" or "motion_sensor"

it would also make sense to be able to group by this in the link in node and not by witch tab it comes from

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