[LINK OUT & LINK CALL] Trace Link origin

When using many LINK nodes, it is more and more difficult to know which Link-OUT or Link-CALL sent a message to a Link-IN node. Especially if a Link-IN can be called from multiple OUT's or CALL's.
To be able to trace where a message to a Link-IN came from, I suggest adding an option to the Link-OUT and Link-CALL nodes to send the name of the link (and this must then not be empty) as a fixed message property.

Something like:
[boolean] Option: Add Origin to Message
which would then generate a property: _linkOrigin {name of link node}

Link-IN nodes would not need to do anything with the property, but this would make debugging a lot easier!

I'm not sure where the right place to ask is, but I would also like to know the status of an earlier FR:

Thanks! DenW

Messages originating from a link call have special properties in the msg object you can interrogate (use a debug set to show full message)

For link out nodes triggering a link in, there is nothing stopping you adding something to the msg (like msg.source) - that's what I do :man_shrugging:


Ps, I don't disagree with the benefits for debugging purposes. I just wanted to state this is possible today.