Past project "use your clever"

Hi gang

New to the boards, but been using node-red a couple of years. Thought I might share some of the things I've made with it, starting with this project I made for a local university. It's called "use your clever". It's basically a vending machine where instead of paying with money, you have to solve puzzles / complete challenges.

Video here (not much technical detail, sorry)

I work in advertising / marketing space, creating "experiences" for brands. I mostly use node-red as glue. Find it really useful when I need to link a bunch of different systems together. And I'm ALWAYS in a hurry.

In this case the node-red instance operates as a bridge between the Unity3D app (the games on the touch screen), the hardware and the cloud services. Node-red triggers the vending machine to vend, checks that it's vended and triggers led lighting animations based on the product being vended..

It also spits out info for debugging and tracking info to Slack, raising emergency warnings (vending machine out of stock!) to sms too.

Stock in each of the three machines is tracked in a SQLite db. User interactions are also tracked to the db - which my client can download as csv to generate stats about how many people are using it. All managed by node-red. And all built very very quick!


Wow! Great idea and implementation...