Payload is set to false

Hello can someone help i don't understand why payload is set to false here
when iam setting it to this
its the body of the request
Thank you in advance

Can you show us the flow so we can see where the Debug node that generated that output is in relation to the Function node code you've shared?

here is the debug node for that node and its returning the payload correctly that's why i didnt understand i thought the problem is maybe with the api node

It is best to give all your debug nodes names. Then it will be clear which debug node is producing which output.
The debug you showed (with payload "false") is not coming from the debug node connected directly to the function as that debug is set to show msg.payload, whereas the output you showed is a complete message.

I think you should pay attention to the warning about not overriding message properties. Fix that and see if it helps.

yes the output that shows payload false is from the debug node connected to the http request node and the one that shows the correct payload is connected to the set header and body node. as for the warning I've been receiving it even before i created that flow i don't understand why it is not sending the correct payload to the next node when everything else is sent correctly

One of the golden rules of debugging issues that you do not understand is first to fix any easily fixable issues, even if you think they are not related to the problem.

Which node is the warning coming from (hover over the warning). If it is the http node then show us how you have configured that node.

You don't understand why what is not sending the correct payload?

Are you sure you want all those quotes and backslashes around the data sent in the payload?
Can you explain why you want the url in the parameters in the payload?

yes it's the same as parsing them to JSON I'am just consuming an API following their documentation and in a previous APIsending the body in the payload worked just fine

the warning is coming from the http request node

Show us how you have configured it (as I asked previously).

thank you for you fast replies but the problem was with the "" you mentioned i chanched them to JSON.stringify and it workrd thank you

So has that warning gone?

If not then don't you want to sort it?

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