Payload Object read out

Hi there
I'm new here and also new to NodeRed.

I have a question and you can help me to read out the following data:

NodeRed Power

I would like to read out the individual data here in order to then display them.

Unfortunately, I don't speak English very well either, so it would be nice if you could explain it to me as simply as possible. At best in German

Many Thanks

Welcome to the forum @luci812.

Try feeding that message through a JSON node configured as shown, and it should turn it into a javascript object for you.


Hello Colin

Many Thanks.

And how can I now evaluate the individual data? Sorry, I don't know enough about it ...

NodeRed 2

I did it with a function node.

Many Thanks

NodeRed 2

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You don't need the parseInt as it is already a number.
msg.payload = msg.payload.response.power
should do it.
If you are a complete beginner I suggest you spend an hour watching the node-red essentials videos. An hour spent doing that will soon be paid back.
Also read the docs pages Working With Messages and Writing Functions.

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