Payload Timer preferably with UI


I have built yet another watering system which has 4 capacitive moisture sensors, 4 water solenoids, 1 pump, and 5 relays.

Everything's working fine, the "brains" is Node Red and I'm sending the sensor readings and relay "triggers" via MQTT to a ESP32. I now would like to add a timer to each relay channel so I keep the sensor readings, but "block" the MQTT messages to the relays via the timer.

So, the message only gets sent between say 07:00 and 08:00. I've looked into BigTimer but that can only output a msg. I would like to pass on a payload msg. where necessary between the "on" times.

Preferably there could be 2 timers and a UI interface.

Does anyone know such a timer exists or would this need function?


If I'm reading this right, you want to inhibit messages between certain times?

Off the top of my head you could use a function node and return null if the current time is < 7am or > 8am otherwise return the msg.

Perhaps the within-time node?

Yes that's correct.

I take it it would be possible to enter the given times through a numeric Ui input?

Plenty of ideas here:

Thanks I already have the within time node, I'll try it out.

As with your other suggestion I would still like to have a UI interface for it though.

The within time node works great!