Set timer with payload

I am making my own morning alarm clock with a analogue rotary dial with 5 different time presest and a 6th that's off, and a push that's snooze.

I can detect the dials positions and channel each as a 1 or 0 signal that I can then convert to a number (like 6, 7, 8 9, 10 and 0). But I want to get this sent into a Timer like node (like timeswitch) but where I can set the time value via an input from the dials.

Doesn't look like timerswitch allows this, any ideas? I am happy to post the not finished flow I have as well as a photo of the functionality.

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There are several programmable timer nodes . I use mytimeout, node-red-contrib-mytimeout

I tried mytimeout as you suggested - but I am missing the option of sending a "time" to the node where the action should start. The timer I have found so far including mytimeout is more a "send an on/off with a countdown time" through the payload.

I want to send a specific time to "start action at [payload]" if that makes sense.

Cron plus is programmable on time

See Dynamic inject node options...?

Towards the bottom of that topic, I posted an example flow which may help.

Thanks guys. All worked perfectly. I ended up using the schedex node and sending "ontime 9:00" and so forth from my dials. Brilliant.

Now on to the hardware finish and installation in the teenage kids rooms.

Is this what you are developing?


Absolutely! :smiley: I should make a video of the installation we have at home. I love having controlpanels round the house to notify and commicate with simple push of buttons.

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