Personalizing head bar (title bar)

Hi to all. I know that several topics like this have been already discussed, but I looked far and wide without find a solutions.
Looking other post I've been able to insert a clock and a static text inside the title bar.
Now I have two more needs: showing like a led inside the title bar with a text, both changing respectively color and content via msg (for example when the connection with the main device is lost, the led became red a text must show the time when the connection hung up)
As better described here How to change Dashboard names in the title bar via msg.payload
Actually I'm able to change the led color but only when I'm in the same tab conteining the ui-template node. It disappear when I move to other tabs.
Regarding the text value, instead, I haven't found any solution jet.
Thanks for helping

Here you can find a solution for the text.

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Thanks edje. Ok, but in this way I need to pass the message to each tab/flow. If I'm understanding correctly.
Since I have quite a lot of them I was hoping there was a solution to avoid it. Just sending a msg inside the main one where this situation is evaluated.

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