Pi Temporal Camera

A camera to watch your plants grow is a little boring. This project creates a time-lapse gif image from the previous day and displays it on your Dashboard.
Viewing your plants from a shifted time reference gives a whole new perspective.

I have the whole project along with instructions up on Github:

This project uses the ffmpeg program to convert a series of images into a gif. A short bash script is called with an exec node to run the process each day or when you have enough images.
The huge power of exec nodes are used in a few different ways, taking pictures with raspistill, counting files in a directory and running a bash script. Even a shutdown button in the UI for when you need to move the camera.
All the scripts and flows are well commented.


Very nice!!! Now to find time to incorporate this into my flows...("Love, what did you say?...We're babysitting the grandkids for the rest of the day???") Well there goes my day...:joy:

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How old are they - maybe time to get them started with Node-RED?!

Thought you meant you were doing a timelapse of the grandkids :wink:

Ha t did that with my phone. I had them move at normal speed and I moved slow. It makes them look like they are rocketing around me