Picking config nodes in subflow instance properties

When a subflow has nodes depending on configuration nodes it would be really helpful to be able to pick them using subflow instance properties. Example: A subflow does something using a service api client node. A token and options are configured with a config node. Having the config node picker in the instance properties would make it easier to configure the subflow when it's shared (especially when there are multiple api calls withing the same subflow) and make it possible to reuse the subflow for multiple tokens.

Here is how the setup process might look like:

Subflow editor:

  1. Edit properties > Add property > Set config node > Select config node type
  2. Edit node > Config node > Pick env var > Set env var name

Subflow instance properties:

  • Select config node via a dropdown showing config nodes of the type specified in the subflow editor

Any thoughts?

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