PID Controller for Cooling - Looking for Help

I read the guide again. It is working fine now. I may need to tune it more in the future, and I think the guide is enough for that. Maybe I could change the time it takes to stop. It happens a bit faster than I imagined, but it is good enough for now.

Now, I have 2 problems left:
1- Starting Node-Red at boot, and deploying the project at full screen. Goal here is to give user only the project screen on a touchscreen, blocking the user from doing anything beyond touching the on/off button on the screen, after plugging the system up.

2- Without doing any changes, I sometimes get "Connection Lost" errors. Sometimes too frequently, sometimes once in a few hours. I think this is because of the wiring. I was using a breadboard, but I'm going to solder it, and then see what happens. Another thing that may cause this (I think), is maybe computational limitations. Maybe this is the reason I sometimes get the error after it running for a few hours. Never had a problem like this one, so I am not sure. Lastly, maybe the NOOBS OS can be the problem. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 B+ with 2GB RAM. A friend of mine told me that he even used it as a personal computer for 3 months without having a single issue like freezing. Mine keeps freezing at simple tasks like opening a new tab, or clicking somewhere before typing. Sometimes, I even see letters coming up 3-4 seconds later while I am typing something. My friend said that this never happened to him. Also, I checked updates at day 1, and there were no updates that I needed to download.

I know, they are not related to my original title, but I wanted to ask your opinions on these 2 subjects above.

Thanks a lot for the guidance and detailed explanations!

Glad it is working for you :slight_smile:

Better to start new threads so others see the question.
Did you install node red using the recommended method? If so that installs a systemd script that will autorun nodered on boot. You can enable that with
sudo systemctl enable nodered
If you didn't install using that method then I suggest running the script to update node red and make sure all the tools are at compatible versions.

If your Pi is crashing in ways not related to node red then the quality of the PSU is one possibility. Also any connected hardware could mess it up (loading the power supply possibly, or injecting noise into the system). Run it for a while with the additional hardware not connected to check for that.

As I said though, for further questions it would be best to start new threads.

Node-Red came with the OS, but it didn't need an update.

Okay. I'll start a new thread. Again, thank you.

What has that got to do with installing node-red? You should run the upgrade script I linked to. The Raspbian supplied tools may not be fully up to date.

Okay. I'll do that soon. Thanks.

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