Ping 100+ PLC For Status

I have 100+ PLCs on the network and would like to ping them to get online or offline status. I don’t need any other information. The ping node with an array of all IPs slows down the whole node red server.

Is there any other way or flow example to get online or offline status of all the PLCs?

Thank you!

How often are you running the ping?

I use.... node-red-node-ping and have not noticed any noteable slowdown in performance.


You could send the array through a split node, followed by a delay node set to rate limit of 1 message per second. Lastly, since some timeouts might occur, do not operate this any faster than the total number of PLC's + 30s for timeouts.

I am running the ping every 60s.

Mine gets super slow with 100+ IPs and the performance improves as soon as I disable the ping node.

How many of the IPs are offline?

Did you try what I suggested?

And if so, you realise that 100 pings would take AT LEAST 100 seconds so you should NOT perform this every 1 minute since you will create an ever growing backlog of outstanding pings.

Usually, only some are offline, but during weekends up to half of them are offline.
I am working on your suggestion currently. It's working fine so far with no lags.

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