Play sounds in raspberry pi

Hi, I have a raspberry pi connected to a speaker. I'm looking for a way that the speaker can read the sounds file from a micro sd card? Can you please let me know If there is any node for this? Thank u

Is there a single node that can read the sd card and play the sound out the Pi's audio connection...the answer is no. Is there a node that can read the SD card - the file-in node should do that. Is there a node that can play sound on the Pi, Click on the flows tab at the top of the forum and enter 'sound' and see what you com up iwith. Then try some and see which you like (or works or you).

If you look the Projects section of the forum you may find some examples. I have one (Music Player v1.0.0) that uses a pi to play music thru a HiFiBerry MiniAmp hat.

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@zenofmud Actually the node-red-contrib-play-soundfile node can do this. And can take msg.file as an input property and play through speakers connected to a Pi.

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