Please contact us regarding Postgres settings

Please contact us regarding Postgres settings.
Nothing else, I'm thinking of sending data to 2 servers with Postgres.
But I did it by installing postges flow, but I have to send the problem to 2 places
The server setting is constantly set to only one.
In other words, if you set up 1 postgres flow, the rest of the IP address will be changed identically and only 1 IP address will be sent.
So, is there a way to send a flow like postgres to two IP addresses?

First off, do you realize that if you search for 'Postgres' in the flows tab it returns 12 possibilities to use?

Many nodes allow you to create multiple connections to different endpoints. Take node-red-node-mysql for example, it has a `database' option where you can 'Add a new MYSQLdatabase' to establish a connection to a database. If you add another occurrence of the node, you have the option to 'Add a new MYSQLdatabase' creating a connection to a different database.
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 5.30.29 AM

You should check the node you are using to see if it can do that or maybe try one of the other Postgres nodes.

thank you for the reply. Thanks to this, modifications were possible.

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