Plotly in node-red dashboard

I want to use Plotly in node-red instead of the node-red dashboard. I am using the Plotly tool for visualizing temperature, Humidity, Wind. As I am new to node-red. I don't know-how to install, use and code plotly in node-red. Please help me!

Hi, I’m familiar with plotly, I’ve used it on several projects outside node-red before.
When you say “use it instead of the dash”, do you mean you would like to display plotly based charts within the node-red-dashboard interface, or is your goal to have Dash running with plotly charts to display your node-red data on?

My goal is to have dashboard running with Plotly tool to display data.

And would Dashboard have to be Dash here, or can that be within the existing node-red-dashboard?

For integrating Dash, it’s going to be a long ride and not something I can easily type from a phone screen. When your goal is just to have plotly it’s thankfully a lot easier. Plotly is available as library for Python, R, and luckily JavaScript too.
Start reading here to understand how to include the library: Plotlyjs Getting Started
Within the node-red-dashboard there’s a UI Template node that allows you to create your own AngularJS based widget. It’s perfect for your use as you can write your plotly chart in there. I tried to use AngularJS years ago but gave up as I truly did not understand how it works. So this is where my advice stops being useful. I know there’s several topics on the ui template node on these forums and how to use it, but perhaps @dceejay or @hotNipi can give you some specific pointers as to where to find information and how to get started and how to interact with messages going in/out the template node. I know that it is possible, but it’s all above my level of understanding.

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