Possible Bug: Can't edit link items

From the node-red console, using the Layout tab, the edit button for link items no longer works.
All other edit buttons work, just not for links.

I have restarted the browser and cleared cookies.


  • Node-RED : node-red-docker@3.1.0 /usr/src/node-red
    `-- node-red@3.1.0

  • Node.js : v18.17.1

  • npm : 9.6.7

  • Platform : Linux 5.15.0-84-generic x86_64

  • Browser : FireFox 103

  • node-red-dashboard : 3.6.0

Can you be more specific?

  1. When you mention the Layout tab are you talking about the dashboard?
  2. Is that Link node specific to Docker?
    Can you provide a simple flow that has teh issue?

To add to @zenofmud's questions, what node type is the Link node? There is not a Link node in the standard node-red-dashboard, as far as I can see.

This Layout tab, the one for the dashboard.

It's not a node, it's an item on the dashboard menu (shown bottom-right of above image)

Ahhh now I see what you mean. I just checked v3.0.2 and it works while in v3.1.0 it does not.

I've open an issue on GitHub about this. Edit option of a 'Link' added in the Dashboard 'Tab & Links' section doesn't work in v3.1.0 - it works in v3.0.1 · Issue #4366 · node-red/node-red · GitHub
@knolleary FYI

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