Possible to get push notifications from the forum via a homescreen shortcut?

I solved 1 issue recently WRT creating an iOS homescreen shortcut for this forum. I wanted the shortcut to go directly to u/hepcat72/activity/topics, but the added shortcut was always going to root. I learned that if you add the URL to the homescreen while Airplane mode is on, I could get the direct link I wanted as a homescreen shortcut. The icon was wonky at first, but it eventually fixed itself.

Now I'm wondering if there's a way to get a badge on the homescreen shortcut so I know if there are any responses to any of my forum posts. I've never done this with a homescreen shortcut, so I don't know if it's possible or not, but I have seen that some websites offer push notifications that I always decline.

Now I'm wondering if those notifications support adding badges to homescreen shortcut icons... And I'm asking both whether this forum has a push notification capability that I possibly declined in the past and whether those notifications can increment homescreen shortcut badges.

So I googled around and discovered that badges cannot be added to URL homescreen shortcuts (whether or not a website has push notifications).

I also discovered a side-effect of my method of creating the URL homescreen shortcut. When I had the original shortcut, it behaved like an app in that, if I double click my phone's home button, the Node-RED forum "app" displayed like an app and was independent of Safari. But WITH my direct link shortcut, it opens as a tab in the Safari app and does not act like an app. That's a little disappointing, but less disappointing than having my direct link to my activity page.

By the way, what do you call these "apps" on iOS? Google referred to that as PWAs (progressive web apps). Is that Android-specific or are there different versions of such "apps"? And would that PWA be able to have an icon badge?

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