Open app in Pushover

How can I auto open a 3 part app on the Iphone when i click the notification from Pushover??
Is it possible???

An iPhone question rather than a Node-RED one :slight_smile:

If the iPhone app has a URI scheme, you can use that. Just send a custom URI.

I do not use Pushover, but as an iOS developer I can say something in general.

On iOS, the click on a notification can only open the hosting app, no other apps. So Pushover will be open here.

In iOS the App developers have the possibility to add a Notification Extension that will be opened if a notification is long-taped. Some apps use that for previewing images or videos. On my app I use that to show link buttons to trigger actions in Node-RED. On such an Notification Extension it would be possible to display a link to a 3rd party App. So it is possible, but only if Pushover has such a function and if the target 3rd party App has a custom URI (also called URL Scheme).

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