Webhook: Trigger iOS shortcuts from notifications

Last week I released the iOS app Pushcut which integrates push notifications with customizable actions that can either be iOS shortcuts or URLs. You can trigger the notification through a HTTP web API. I am sure it can be combined with NodeRED in wonderful ways.

For pro users, it also supports a powerful JSON API to fully customize your notifications dynamically.

I was mainly driven by my desire to have a good way to communicate with my openHAB home automation in smart way - I wanted the right options at the right time. I use HomeKit and web requests in shortcuts to communicate back from my notifications.


Plus points for having a decent privacy page on your website - thanks for that, it always helps people to trust your service and to understand what they are signing up to.

Another plus-point for having a sensible pricing policy. Too many web services jump straight from free to $9.99 a month.

You do need an explanation of what the difference is between free, basic and pro however on the website, not just in the app description on iTunes. The current description of what you get for free could also be slightly clearer since the app itself seems to say that there are in fact limitations when the description on the web page says not. Just a small thing really.

Couple of other thoughts off the top of my head:

  • Don't know if it is possible to have formatting on iOS notifications, but that might be nice to have.
  • It would also be nice - and draw people into your Pro options - if you were able to allow 1 notification say, that allowed advanced use on the free tier. That way, you would be encouraging people to try it out.
  • Be great to see some more examples on your web site, especially some mentioning Node-RED :wink:

Anyway, I will certainly try this out. An interesting and more flexible option for iOS users. Also gives an alternative to using Telegram for everything.

OK, so I found some more info on your website "hiding" under the support page :slight_smile:

Another minor thing. You put the API secret in the URL. While this may be encrypted in transit because you use HTTPS, it most likely gets added to your server logs. URL's are also subject to other fairly straight-forward attacks so not ideal.

Not the most major of issues given the nature of the tool but a minor niggle non-the-less. It would be nice to have the option to pass the secret in a header instead. This would help at the Node-RED end as well since you would be less likely to accidentally share the secret when publishing a flow.

Thank you for the great feedback!

I will definitely try to clear up the pricing on the web page so people know exactly what they are getting.

About formatting: I have it on my list to add markdown support (or maybe full HTML) to notification bodies, it is technically absolutely possible to display that in the expanded notification. In the notification view (without expanding) I do not believe you have options for formatting - not the top priority for me right now though.

Pro options trials: I can't think of a way that does not add a lot of complexity around this. To be honest, I believe the "pros" will know if they can put this to use - and 2 $ to try it out for a month does not seem insurmountable to me.

Examples: I am working on guides right now - maybe I can include a node-red thing as well some day (but I guess the average node-red user is well prepared to get a HTTP POST done)

Thank you so much for this. I hope you can find a good use for Pushcut!

Another great bit of feedback!

I absolutely hear you, the URL was just the simplest, most straight forward way to get it it done. And as you say yourself - it is "secure enough" for what it is.

Adding a method with the secret in the header should be super quick to implement, I will definitely add this as an option!


Great stuff, glad I can help.

Yes, undoubtedly you are right on both counts. It was just a passing thought.

Cool, nice enhancement.

Now we just need to come up with a nice but practical example so we can post a flow or two for the good folk of this forum :smile:

It took a while, but I got a proper API out for Pushcut.

I was hoping somone could help me create nodes for it?


Have there been any takers?

not to my knowledge, no...

To me, the API and webhook provides everything I need and I put my node-making-energy into things I couldn’t easily out together with core nodes. And with dynamic settable headers on background URL actions it truly handles all my needs, thanks again for adding those to the webhook api, Simon :slight_smile:

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