Pushcut Web API - Node for smart notifications?

I just released the brand new Web API for Pushcut, and my intention is to offer everything that is needed to integrate Pushcut with Node-RED in a good way.

Here is the documentation. <- You can even play around with the API through the web UI.


The primary use is to send smart notifications with dynamic content and automation actions to your iOS devices.

However, I think the coolest part is the possibility to register you own (local network) webhooks as "online actions" in Pushcut.

This way we could trigger flows as a response - directly from the notification action - on your local network.

So, you could send a notification asking: “Should I turn off the lights?” and there could be Yes/Dim/No options that actually do it. Or you could say “TV was turned on, should I open the remote app?”, or something like that.

I believe there are many situations where fully automatic is not feasible, but a “quick action” on your phone at the right time is the best experience. This type of interaction is the reason I created Pushcut: for “semi-automation”, where you are given the right options at the right time.

Currently, I do not have the capacity to learn how to best get this done for Node-RED.
Is anyone willing to help me create nodes for this?

Nice work. Do you really need separate nodes for this interaction ? It looks like you only need "normal" http requests ?

I thought at least handling the subscribe/unsubscribe of the webhook could use a bit of code around. otherwise you would have to manually set this up, right?

however, I am not too experienced with Node-RED, so maybe this is all very easy to set up with plain components...

Very nice. I was already kinda attempting to do this with shortcuts calling flow parts, executing Pythonista code (which allows MQTT interaction as well through my phone), and Pushcuts has been on my radar for a while though I have yet to upgrade to the pro plan, was planning to do that when my flows got a bit bigger. Guess it won't be long with added functionality like this :slight_smile: Thanks for the API, and the continued effort.

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