Post Lora message to my server using http request


I'm very new with the node red.

I want to use node red for pushing lora messages via http request to my server http://12.230.x.x/energymonotoring/index.php?LoraAuth=Judtn65sd.L


In the other side, i'm using a php code to Handler the http resquest, I have a json file that is updated each 10min
but my file is empty

I would like to receive the payload message in my server.
somebody knows what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance,

What do you see in the debug nodes?

Also put one debug after the 'lora' node and what do toy see there?

This what i have in my debug( the msg. payload of my function and the msg.pauload of the http request.)

Is the first node a mqtt node? If it is mqtt node have a look, you can set the output format.

Post the JSON from it, or what yo get out of it, using a debug node.

Post you JSON from it using the post format button </>

The first node is a Lora input nodes, this what i get when i'm using a debug node

so for that i'm using a function to decode this message of LoRa.

What lora node is that? The TTN one?

Please read how to post JSON, CODE etc using the </> post format buttons

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