Posting with styles. (Sort of off topic)

I was posting a reply in a thread.

This is what the edit screen shows me.
(I was sceptical, but.....)

But when I save the post, I get this.

No big deal, but there seems to be a problem.

If I get excited and put the <s> and </s> on each paragraph, in the preview window it makes it all one big paragraph.

The post editor uses markdown syntax, use ~~text~~ for a strikethrough.


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Ah! Thanks.

I found <s> </s> works too. But not as good - obviously.


Below is from another thread.

I just did that:


~~That flow you posted.

Ok, all good. Few name changes. No big.

But the STOP message isn't working.


And actually the button output isn't working.

I saw a message when I was pressing buttons, but that was from my other flow parts.

I just went through and was checking it again and noticed that your piface/buttons MQTT node isn't receiving anything either.~~

It isn't working now.

~~ doesnt work across empty line breaks. same as the > quote doesnt.


this text has
empty lines

~~this text

does have

empty lines



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Chalk up another mistake to me. Didn't think of that.

Sorry Steve. But and thanks. :wink:

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