powerMeter seconds into date

i have a powerMeter
it counts up with the used power and a second value is a number which are seconds.
in Grafana i show this PowerInformation and also calculate the Price used since the Counter started! This works so far.
Now i wish to change the Second to get a output like
Date (now) - Seconds and got the Date/Time the counter started.
change the Seconds into
weeks days hours Minute and seconds
both Information into InfluxDB to take it out with Grafana.

Or you tell me it is more easy to save the second into influx and do the math when adding into Grafana!

have a nice day

Googling suggests there are ways of telling grafana that a value is in seconds and to get it to convert to human reading elapsed time, but I think you would have to do some research and see if it works for you. The alternative would be to convert it to a string in node red and put that in influx. Saving the string in influx will add a lot to the size of the influx database, but whether that is an issue probably depends on how often you are storing the data, every second or once an hour for example.

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