Preventing phone rotate for Dashboard

Generally my pretty standard Android 10 Poco X3 mobile needs auto-rotate on - for late night Youtube viewing, but I NEVER want anything but portrait view for Dashboard - any idea how to make this fixed for Dashboard alone? Sorry if this is an old one.


currently not possible easily.
I think you could hack the source to lock the orientation, but obviously we don't want to do that by default for everyone.

Possible with Automate or Tasker. Detect the webpage using interact on Automate and lock the rotation accordingly

I almost always have the phone locked to portrait then when watching YouTube simply press the dotted square in the lower Rh corner to switch to full screen rotated.

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For years now I have used an app called Ultimate Rotation Control. You can force rotations or force orientation lock on an per app basis or automatically. It has worked great with otherwise nitpicky apps like Blynk that refused to work in landscape or e-readers that try to rotate away from portrait just because I shift positions while reading.

Well worth the Pro version (and NO I am not affiliated)

You could probably make a shortcut link to the URL, and when on that page (the dashboard) tell URC to lock that setting. Or just simply lock the position of the browser when using NR. Try with the trial first.

Not sure I want to hack code that will be regularly updated, removing my hack :slight_smile:

Just realised that Steve, thanks.

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