Problem after changing IP address

I'm running Nodered in a docker instance to automate my Home Assistant devices.
I just changed my docker host IP address and I have a few issues.
I can log into the Nodered dashboard and see my flows, but there is no connection to my devices.
Looking at the Node-RED logs I see some entries where it is still looking to connect to Home Assistant using the old IP address.

22 Jan 13:23:52 - [info] [server:Home Assistant] Connecting to http://192.168.XX.XX:8123
I've change the IP address with XX.XX, for security.

I'm guessing there is a configuration somewhere that needs to be updated to reflect the new IP. I've looked, but cannot see anything that stands out.

Apologies if the post is a bit off topic. I figured someone with nodered knowledge would be better to solve this than someone with Home Assistant knowledge.

I solved this problem. For those that are interested, an access token is required.
All the details are in this blog post. Kudos to the author, great job!

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