Problem after clean install nodered all modules erased

Hi so I have been using nodered with Jessie on my raspberry pi 3 for almost a year now no problem but I decided to make a new install using stretch so I did I firstly downloaded raspbian and after dietpi .At my first attempt on raspbian (I am using the script of Scargill for a year now no problem ) everything ok with the install but the strange starts now this happened in both OS . I went to the pallets to install some modules that were missing but I could install anything and I found out that something with the permissions of the modules folder was wrong so I typed “sudo chown -R pi: /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules“ after the the modules installed I imported my flows from clipboard and everything was working so I thought :disappointed:. I don’t know exactly when but I think after the reboot nodered could start modules were missing first the moment module after I manually installed it nodered opened but the dashboard and all the modules that the script installed were all removed and I got this in the log :

Welcome to Node-RED

1 Oct 18:08:36 - [info] Node-RED version: v0.19.4
1 Oct 18:08:36 - [info] Node.js version: v10.11.0
1 Oct 18:08:36 - [info] Linux 4.14.70-v7+ arm LE
1 Oct 18:08:37 - [info] Loading palette nodes
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] Missing node modules:
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-sqldbs (1.1.8): sqldbsdatabase, sqldbs
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-alexa-local (0.3.24): alexa-local
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-blynk-ws (0.7.1): blynk-ws-client, blynk-ws-in-app, blynk-ws-
in-read, blynk-ws-in-write, blynk-ws-out-write, blynk-ws-out-set-property, blynk-ws-out-sync, blynk-ws-
out-bridge, blynk-ws-out-email, blynk-ws-out-lcd, blynk-ws-out-notify, blynk-ws-out-table, blynk-ws-
zergba, blynk-ws-style-btn
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-boolean-logic (0.0.3): BooleanLogic, Invert, BDebug
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-chatbot (0.15.2): chatbot-telegram-node, chatbot-telegram-
receive, chatbot-telegram-send, chatbot-universal-node, chatbot-universal-receive, chatbot-universal-
send, chatbot-slack-node, chatbot-slack-receive, chatbot-slack-send, chatbot-twilio-node, chatbot-
twilio-receive, chatbot-twilio-send, chatbot-facebook-node, chatbot-facebook-receive, chatbot-
facebook-send, chatbot-viber-node, chatbot-viber-receive, chatbot-viber-send, chatbot-message,
chatbot-analytics, chatbot-context, chatbot-topic, chatbot-voice, chatbot-language, chatbot-listen,
chatbot-listen-lexicon, chatbot-parse, chatbot-command, chatbot-document, chatbot-video, chatbot-
image, chatbot-sticker, chatbot-audio, chatbot-location, chatbot-ask, chatbot-inline-buttons, chatbot-
quick-replies, chatbot-generic-template, chatbot-list-template, chatbot-request, chatbot-log, chatbot-
qrcode, chatbot-conversation, chatbot-debug, chatbot-waiting, chatbot-authorized, chatbot-transport,
chatbot-rivescript, chatbot-messenger-menu, chatbot-smooch-node, chatbot-smooch-receive, chatbot-
smooch-send, chatbot-context-store, chatbot-inline-query, chatbot-dialog, chatbot-rules, chatbot-
recast-token, chatbot-recast, chatbot-dialogflow-token, chatbot-dialogflow, chatbot-invoice, chatbot-
invoice-shipping, chatbot-extend
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-config (1.1.2): config
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-diode (1.0.1): diode
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-esplogin (1.3.7): esplogin
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-file-function (1.1.2): file function
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-graphs (0.3.5): iot-datasource
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-grove (1.0.9): grove
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-isonline (1.1.15): is online
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-npm (1.0.1): npm
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-owntracks (0.0.2): owntracks
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-particle (0.0.8): particle-cloud, ParticleSSE in, ParticleFunc
out, ParticleVar
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-ramp-thermostat (0.5.0): ramp-thermostat, profile
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-bigtimer (2.0.2): bigtimer
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-timeout (1.1.0): timeout
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-contrib-web-worldmap (1.4.3): worldmap, worldmap in, worldmap-
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-dashboard (2.9.8): ui_base, ui_button, ui_dropdown, ui_switch,
ui_slider, ui_numeric, ui_text_input, ui_date_picker, ui_colour_picker, ui_form, ui_text, ui_gauge,
ui_chart, ui_audio, ui_toast, ui_ui_control, ui_template, ui_link, ui_tab, ui_group
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-arduino (0.0.18): arduino in, arduino out, arduino-board
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-darksky (0.1.17): darksky-credentials, darksky, darksky in
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-emoncms (0.2.1): emoncms, emoncms in, emoncms-server
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-geofence (0.1.0): geofence
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-google (0.1.4): google plus, google places, google-credentials,
google-api-config, google geocoding, google directions, google calendar in, google calendar, google
calendar out
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-openweathermap (0.2.1): openweathermap, openweathermap
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-ping (0.0.15): ping
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-random (0.1.2): random
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [warn] - node-red-node-smooth (0.1.0): smooth
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [info] Removing modules from config
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [info] Settings file : /home/pi/.node-red/settings.js
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [info] HTTP Static : /home/pi/.node-red/public
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [info] Context store : 'default' [module=memory]
1 Oct 18:08:42 - [info] User directory : /home/pi/.node-red
And also at the end which is the most annoying and it only happen in diet pi
Is this [rpi-gpio out:be1b1bcf.57c0d8] nrpgio python command not running

1 Oct 22:33:03 - [error] [rpi-gpio out:87384c5a.a978c] nrpgio python command not running

Sorry for the long post but can you please help me I think I did something wrong when I changed the owner of the folder modules What do you think ?
And also why I use the gpio in the dietpi OS I

If you ran Pete’s script and ended up with the wrong permissions that’s something you should feed back to Pete via his website.

Diet pi is reduced in size because it doesn’t include libraries that in this case you need. If you read the raspberry pi page in the docs it explains what you need to do.

But you are also running a non recommended version of nodejs. Also in the docs is the recommendation to use the LTS (long term support). Given the number of contrib nodes you have installed you might find that a few are not currently compatible with nodejs v10.

also what may have happened ... is if you jumped from a much older version of node.js (say 4 or 6.x) then you would have now also got the latest version of npm. This now takes much more notice of package.json files - so if you had installed nodes manually without using the --save option to update package.json then they would not have been listed and npm install would have removed any not listed in order to tidy up.

If it had wrong permissions... did you install using sudo ? as that would then create things using the root user rather than the default pi user.

If you are using Diet-pi then they have their own way of installing extra software like Node-RED - and it's best to stick to using their install tool as that then doesn't mess things up.

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