Problem getting data from mysql db to line chart


Im a beginner and still learning NodeRed.
I have browsed through the forums to try to find information.
However Im stuck.

I have a table in the database that I want to pull some data from.
each line from the database query looks like this:

time: "2022-09-20T07:58:55.000Z"
outdoortemperature: 13
loggedoutdoortemp: 10

What I want the line chart to show
is how the two temperatures change and corelate over time.

I have created a change node with a J:expression (found that in a tutorial)

This is my J:expression code:

[{"series" : [$distinct(time)],

I know it probably doesnt make any sense at all but this is the closest I got to something that looks like what I understood is needed in the spec.

However, when I use this in nodered Im getting a
""Invalid JSONata expression: Key in object structure must evaluate to a string; got: "2022-09-20T07:58:55.000Z"" error message.

And now Im completely stuck.

Any ideas how to get forward?

Thanks for all help and sorry if my post is messy.


You could probably adapt this dynamic routine with little ease...

    "series": [""],
    "labels": [""],
    "data": [[payload.{
        "x": datetime,
        "y": $."m"

this works for me.

Hi, yeah, that gave me a list of the timestamps.
Not sure I follow "where" to add the rest of the data though (temperatures)

I take it you want to plot two lines, outdoor and logged?
If so then the jsonata would be

$lines := ["outdoortemperature","loggedoutdoortemp"];
       "series": $lines,
            $lines.[($key := $;
                $$.payload.{"x": $.time, "y": $lookup($, $key)}
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YES! Fantastic!
Thank you very much, worked like a charm!

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