Problem sending sensor data to Gsheet

Hi everyone,
I am receiving data through the serial port as a string and I want it to write the values ​​in each column and what it does is write the whole chain of values ​​in a column.
I am doing I pass it through a JSON node (attached photo configuration node) and then I pass it through a CSV node (attached photo configuration node) and then I connect it to the Gsheet node (attached photo configuration node) and the debug. I would appreciate any help since I have been working with this type of programming for a short time. Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum.

I believe your problem boils down to the need to split a string into text & integers, and then create the CSV. For this, some good Function and Change nodes were proposed when I had a similar issue. See here.

Another possibility is to use this node. It's very old, but it worked for me in a simple use case where passing thru the JSON and the Change nodes did not work correctly.

Hi, I have updated nodejs to the latest version v14.18.0 and npm also to version v8.0.0 and I have tried to install the json2csv node that you were telling me, from the manage palette and from the terminal and it gives me an error. How can I install it?
pantallazo fallo instalación json2csv

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