Problem using two Azure Save Blob nodes in the same flow

Hello. I am uploading sensor data every 10 seconds to the Azure Blob Storage with the Azure Save Blob Node. When I use it in a simple flow it works, but when I have two Azure Save Blob nodes in the same flow, there is a problem that I don't understand.

I made this simplified flow so that I can explain the problem.

I am sending a message to a container called test1 (a folder) in my Azure Storage Account and after 5 seconds I want to send a modified message (in this case it's the same, just for simplicity) to a container called test2

The problem is that when I have two Azure Save Blob nodes in the same flow, only one sends log messages. It sends the log messages of both nodes (of "uploaded to container1" and "uploaded to container2".


The data gets uploaded correctly if I only inject it once. The problem is that I need to inject it every 10 seconds and when I do that, nothing works. The messages get mixed up and some get overwritten and lost.

I am assuming the problem has something to do with the logging only one Save Blob Node, because this cannot be right. So I am trying to solve this and hope that after that everything will work. There is not a lot of documentation about this node, so any help is welcome. Thanks!

What versions of node-red and node.js are you running? You can check by running


In fact it may be helpful to copy/paste the result of that here.

Have you got any solution?