Problem with OPC UA server


I'm working on my masters thesis in a local Siemens internship and part of the task is to use an IOT2040 as a sort of "gateway" between an ET200S (standing in for an S7-300) and an OPC UA client - since the former can't do UA, the IOT in Node-Red reads databases in it (I created a quick program in it in FBD to fluctuate them so I can see if they're actually arriving), and I'd like to create an OPC UA server to store them so that the HMI as an OPC UA client can access them. I'm using node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua, as included in the example image (of which I have the latest, 2.6.1), and followed this video:

, as well as the included IIOT OPC UA Flex Server examples to try and create it with my own address space structure and everything.

Unfortunately while the example's Flex server starts on most deploys, says "active" and can be accessed fine in UAExpert, mine says "waiting..." and never does start, and when enabling errors it outputs "Error: Server Not Ready For Inputs". When I remove the connection between the context->flow function and the server node, all it says is "Error: Error."

Also there's this when accessing the device in PuTTY and starting node-red manually so I get a proper setup diagnostic readout:


Some of the mentioned routes do not even exist, like "at constructAddressSpaceScript": the path repeats the "core" folder twice but when looking there in WinSCP, there is no other "core" folder inside the "core" folder. I tried creating one and replicating the contents but this still shows up.

Has anyone come across things like this or has any clue what I may be missing/doing wrong? I've attached my exported flow so you can take a look at it. Top nodes take the data from the PLC with node-red-contrib-s7comm and add it to the context, a bool and two Ints, first is not used in the server address space code so far.

EDIT: It can't be a problem with just my IOT image or install, the same thing happens when I try to run the same on my laptop's node-red, which is the newest stable build.

the flow:

I suspect you may need to try to contact the author of that node direct.

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