Problem with Postgresql node and html


I have a problem. I want to save some data in a postgresql database. In my table, I have a Text column and I use the node-red-contrib-postgresql node (last version with Nore Red uptodate) to send data from nodered to the database but while the original text is correct just before the injection, in the database some characters like ' or / are replaced by "&#x2F"; or "&#39"; . When I modify manually the data in the database I can write a sentence with these characters without problem.
If someone has an idea ...

Are you sure it is not the query that is at fault?
Please feed the message that you are sending to the postgres node into a debug node so we can see the query you are sending.


I have found the problem. It is because Mustache converts the specials characters automatically ... To avoid that, we have to use {{{ .... }}} instead of {{...}} in the script.

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