Problems sending boolean values to TTN

Hello everyone,

I am realizing a Dashboard application for smart irrigation where I use LoRa as communication.

I am trying to send a command to open and close a solenoid valve to my end node, although I want it to appear in TTN first.
I decided to use boolean values to open and close the solenoid valve. The question is that I can send to TTN "true" values but not "false" values. I have tried to inject the "false" value directly and nothing, I have tried to inject a ramdon value too and here it works as well as with "true" values that I receive them. That is, all values are received except the value "false".

This is the function I use for the MQTT Out:

return {
    "payload": {
        "downlinks": [{
            "f_port": 1,
            "frm_payload": msg.payload.toString("base64"),
            "priority": "NORMAL"

It is the same used for the node to send "true" values and I have obtained it directly from TTN.

What can happen?

Best regards, thanks.

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