Problems to get station name out of sonos Universal Node (v 3.1.5)

Hi there, this ist my first question in this forum. Hoping that the community can help to solve my problem.

The new Version 3.1.5 has lots of new features, but I cannot get the name of the radionstatio that is playing. The radio can be found under: "<DIDL-Lite xmlns:dc="........."><dc:title>WDR 2 Rheinland</dc:title><upnp:class>object.item.audioItem.audioBroadcast</upnp:class><desc id="cdudn" nameSpace="urn:schemas-rinconnetworks-com:metadata-1-0/">SA_RINCON65031_</desc></item></DIDL-Lite>"

I need the string between dc:titel and </dc:title>.

Contruction: Sonos Universal Node => change Node => textnode
The rule in the change Node changes the input (containing the station-name) to msg. payload.

I hope someone can help me to get the station name.


Hi it looks strange. Sort of a cross between JSON and XML.

Can you show a screenshot of the debug output with all properties expanded and highlight the value of interest?

This is the output from the Universal Node. The value of interest is "WDR 2 Rheinland"


Ok, so when you hover over the property of interest in the debug, click the copy path button.

Then after that node, add a change node to set msg.payload to the path you copied (i.e. copy that property into msg.payload)

Next put an XML node after the change node to convert the XML to js object then attach a debug node. You should be able to access the XML property of interest.

In simple terms...
Sonos Universal Node > change node (set msg.payload to the XML string) > XML node > debug

Thanks a lot! It works!!


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