Problems with email node and twilio sms node(Error: connect ehostunreached)


I am facing a really weird issue. I am trying to send emails and sms via nodered and everything is fine when i run nodered from my home network. On my college presentation the emails and sms did not send at all and the error was 'Error: connect ehostunreached :'. Weird thing is that i have checked the whole project on 4 different networks-wifis and it turns out to run just in two of them. Any idead what is going wrong? I am using the default server and default port 465 to send emails.


The error code means that it cannot connect to the server.
If you can't access on your college network the chances are that they are blocking it. This is probably how they have configured their network and is unlikely to be something you can change in Node-RED


I have tried to make it work via mobile hotspot, that didn't work. Can you suggest any cheap alternatives to send emails via http node. I am pretty sure http requests are not blocked.
*Edit : i have no idea how email node works.