Process MQTT-data time triggered

Man, this can't be so difficult - but I can't manage to get this to work:

I have a MQTT-input node which sends every few seconds a value. I need every hour the last value of this MQTT-node to store it in an Influx DB. I set up an inject-node, which triggers at each hour, but how to combine the inject message with the MQTT-value to send the value hourly further to the InfluxDB ?
I tried with an function-node, the trigger works, but how to get access to the MQTT-payload?

There are a few ways. One of them would be to use the join node..

See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

Another way would be to have the mqtt-in node feed a trigger node set like this:

This is ony allow one msg per hour to pass thru.

Or a Delay node


If there were multiple channels that this needed to handle then one Delay could do them all by putting it into For each msg.topic mode.

Perfect, thanks... It seems I struggle stills with basics...

thank you !

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