Using Inject node for MQTT Payload

Goal: I want to inject mqtt payload after some intervals so I thought to use inject node.
Issue: it is not working. I have added the MQTT topic in the topic field but I don't know how to get the payload
can some one guide how to use inject node to push mqtt payload to furthest node

thanks in advance

MQTT uses a subscribe method, you don't get a topic manually, you subscribe to the topic and when it changes, the mqtt-in node used to subscribe will trigger a new message.

thanks for the prompt reply. the messages coming from the device are very frequent. I don't want to spam the db. so I want to insert them into the Db after some interval. so I thought to use the inject

As @TotallyInformation said, MQTT uses a subscribe method, so messages arrive at whatever rate the source device is publishing them. You could use a 'message-rate-limiter' (an option in the Delay node) so a message is only passed-on in the flow at a certain rate after a certain time.


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