Programming in a nutshell

Not really a project, but since I share quite a bit of the material I use with my IoT students here - I thought this might be a suitable place to share it with you.

I created this short presentation to explain the basic concept of programming to my new young students.
I've used a Pseudo Code approach as I didn't want them to get bogged in syntax at this early stage.
As it's an after-school-club it is meant to be fun and enjoyable - which I tried to portray in the presentation.

I hope you find it useful.

Programming in a nutshell


Nice and clear.Then the find out syntax and recipe are the hard part.

I had a look, and now I'm craving a fry-up!

Every time I've taken a programming course I have been frustrated by the time spent on minutiae, eg this is how you declare a float, this is a string, ...
The perfect course for me would present the final product - not too complex of course - and then break down how it works block by block, absorbing the basics by osmosis.

Luckily (probably) for the students, I've never taught anyone in that way. :laughing: