Project Gantt Chart


I would like to integrate a Gantt chart showing tasks and current time as a gantt chart in node red dashboard. Tasks will be based on a csv file imported. Any good solution to do this in Node Red?
I would also like to get progress of each task from Node red.



The very first place to go when you want to know if a solution already exists for your problem has to be Node-RED library. Surprisingly (at least for me) there is a flow that provides a very basic timeline in Gantt format.

Given that this is quite a common application there are a large number of awesome applications out there (not based in Node-RED) . If you are a hardcore programmer willing to create a customized dashboard node, then this is an area that could be explored. If you are a user trying to find a quick solution for your use case then you may want to find a way to integrate an existing application with Node-RED.

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