Projects - Cloning via SSH for new instance UX issue


Node-Red v0.19.5

I am just working on our documentation for setting up new node-red instances to incorporate the Projects functionality but have hit a snag in trying to initially setup by cloning a project. This is mainly a bug report as it is not an operational issue at the moment and is easily worked around.

This bug occurs in the case when you have a brand new instance and you are presented with the create/clone projects options when you first go to the admin interface, and you then select the clone option.

So the problem is in the screen where you are asked for the Git repository details you are asked for a SSH key but if you click on "Add an ssh key" then the "Git config" tab from Settings is popped under. It is not possible to access that form thus preventing the process from continuing.



Hi @beneuto - thanks for reporting. In the future, for items like this that are definitely bugs, you're welcome to raise on github -

If you aren't sure - no harm posting here.