Projects UI Improvements: "git push" is unintuitively hidden away

The Nodered Projects UI is such a great feature, but I find that I sometimes commit changes and then forget to push them to a branch.

I think this is largely because the push, pull, and branch buttons are all hidden away in the commit history tab which is collapsed and hidden by default. I think the UI could definitely use some improvements and I hope that other people feel the same way and this can gain some traction.

If I were to redesign the interface I would move things into the main view like :

Button Bar: Branch | Push/Pull | Refresh

(optionally) Contextual Bold Colored Info Bar:

  • "You are up to date"
  • "You have 2 local commits. Push | Diff --staged"
  • "You are 2 commits behind. Pull | Fetch & Compare"

Tabs: Files | Commit History

A list of staged files
--- separator (tight alignment, not stretched across the entire screen)
A list of unstaged files

Commit History: Same

Commit Diff View: mimic github's PRs:

  • hide all unchanged nodes and only show parameters that have changed
  • show all function code red-green diffs by default at the top level (so you can just scroll through them)
  • have compressed way to show nodes that only changed position (like display them inline block or something) - because they are changes but also not really

The idea being to localize git state in single views instead of having things tucked away, difficult to navigate, and easy to overlook.

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