Protobuf help with decoding a message

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new with protocol buffer and need to get a message from a device that uses this kind of communication mean.

I am using protobuf-fixed (last updated) node to get an http post containing the payload. what I get is an array with 160 hex values that then should feed the protobuf decoder.

I don't have a .proto file, how should I do? I tried with something realted found on the internet but the result is wrong somehow.

Problem while looking up the message type.
Error: no such type: ...

the file is hosted on the local system where node-red is running, I have added the exact directory of the file location.

I'm not sure if this error means "file not found" or is the.proto file that doesn't mach the payload received for encoding.

is there any way out?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You need a .proto file as that describes how the messages are packed and unpacked.

So I am guessing that this is an error related to a non correct .proto file, not to an incorrect path.

so my options are: getting a good one or? reverse engineer?


  1. What does your data look like (post the URL or a sample of data in a code block)
  2. Is it always the same or do is it different definitions based on parts of the content.
  3. What do you expect to get from it? Do you have a table or document of what each part of this 160 values mean?

I'm actually fidgeting with a device that offers no documentation :frowning:

now I'm at the point that i am getting only this error:

"Wire format is invalid."

to fill the "type" box, I have used a message name defined on the .proto file i have. which it looks like the data I want to extract.

That should mean that the protoType is not coupling with the message I recieve, right? how should I fill this field?

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