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Greetings Node-Red community,
Is there any galley where the projects can be saved, shared and re-use?
At this moment transferring projects from one device to another is not very user-friendly, and it would be nice to have something similar with installing a Pallette

Perhaps projects are what you are looking for.

Have you thought of sharing material (Node-RED flows) via Dropbox or one of many online storage apps??
Although you said... "Public gallery" in your title - do you really mean "Public" or accessible??
I've worked with a team of people around the world on various projects and have used Dropbox to share our developments, manage software releases, exchange ideas and allocated tasks to individuals.
Screen Shot 11-26-21 at 07.16 AM

@dynamicdave yes, for public, and to be able to search inside that gallery like we are doing when searching for a pallete

@bakman2 yes, that's nice, but for anyone to be able to easy upload and download public projects

Have you thought of the one at the top of this forum

Have you looked at the "flows" tab, as that might be something to consider?

Note: You need to click the 'flows' tab and then the '+' button to get to the menu in the above screenshot.

Edit: Snap - @E1cid

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