Publishing dashboard

Hi guys. I have just completed my functionality, and i will like to publish my dashboard in a web server and control the access with user and password . Is this possible?

Thank you all

Yes is it possible. Take a look at these forums.... Lots of help...

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Password is possible. Single user only however.

Yeah i have read that if you modify the settings.js you can protect the dashboard with an user and password, but i dont know if this will stay when i publish my dashboard on the internet or not

Opening node-red to the internet is not recommended unless you know what you are doing.
Here is a long read about how to secure your node-red instance.

It may be a lot safer and easier to install a vpn server and connect to your node-red instance over the vpn connection.

But could i connect to my dashboard from other red? I mean 50 kilometres away. If i install vpn other users could access to the dashboard?

If i install vpn other users could access to the dashboard?

Yes, however, the device you use to connect to node red will require a vpn client to connect.

Ok, that´s true. So i need to know how to install a vpn server on mi rpi. After that, how publish my dashboard on the vpn server and how protect it ? Im looking for solutions but i dont find nothing, all old posts and different set ups

In fact, not in my rpi. I should use vpn on my personal computer because i have node-red on my personal computer.

Ok so there is no "simple" way to do this, as security usually isn't simple.

You can setup a vpn server on any device in your network as the idea is that you can access your local network over the vpn tunnel.

Here is a comprehensive guide for a raspberry pi.

Ok lets imagine i have the vpn server on my personal computer. How can i put the node-red dashboard into it ? Im new on this tecnlogoy sry if i seem to be stupid jajaja

The dashboard sits on a url in the browser, lets say:

When you are connected over the vpn tunnel, you can connect to the same address in the browser (as you were in your local network).

Ok so a man who is 50 km away from me, knowing the address and the security (because i imagine you can protect the vpn server) can access to the dashboard info.

To connect to the vpn server you need to have a ssl certificate that encrypts the data that goes over the internet toward your network (as explained in the guide linked above)

So, in your tutorial, when i have to define the static IP, i write the ip where i have my dashboard?

The static ip of the device where you install the openvpn server

Ok i have just understand all but i have a doubt. How the client in his mobile phone is going to have the OVPN file? If he doesnt have it, i would not be able to connect to the vpn. Thank you for your time, you are helping me a lot!

Yes everyone who wants to connect needs a openvpn client, the ovpn file can be opened with the openvpn client. Those clients exists on all platforms.