Pull entity info (Temperature) into Node-Red

Hi am new to node red and have no programming skills whatsoever. I have a two part question

  1. I had my ESP8266 programmed with Arduino and some lines of code in the config.yaml. I was able to use the query the entity with mqtt in and set the Topic: sensor/garage_temp. And all worked perfect. I switched over to ESPHome as it was easier for me to program the ESP8266 as everything is almost plug and play and I can add add extra sensors with no programming skills.

Now when I try to query the sensor the same way mttq in does not seem to extract the info
Topic: sensor.garage_temperature_2. I tried senosr/garage_temperature_2. No luck

  1. When I did have my flow working I can see it in a url. I used HA to display it via a url card in Lovelace. It worked fine on my pc, but on my IOS device it couldn't read the card.

Is there another way to display your Flows in HA's cards?

Welcome to the forum @yeganquan.
I suggest you install mqtt_explorer on your pc, then you can see whether the information is being published to MQTT correctly.
Once can see that it being published correctly then configure an MQTT In node with the topic and it should work. You can put a debug node on the output of the MQTT node to see what data there is.

As this is quite HA specific i would suggest you might want to ask over there on their forums as there are a lot of people doing both ESPEasy and NR within HA.

They will obviously be able to give you much more info on IOS and Lovelace - although my understaning is that they have an IOS app now if i remember correctly



Thanks Colin for the tip about the tool. I was able to find the line of code with it and add it to the mqtt in node and that resolved my problem. It is now outputting the temperature as designed.

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