Pulling data value from an array

I was hoping that I might be able to pull a value from an array in a template node.

However it seems that my attempt get the value from the array is ignored.

The template node has this code

Turning on the {{entities[1].value}}{{slots.object}}

Here is the array:

2 : msg : Object
intent: object
entities: array[3]
0: object
1: object
entity: "room"
value: "living room"
value_details: object
raw_value: "living room"
start: 12
end: 23
raw_start: 12
raw_end: 23
2: object

Do I need to use a function first to extract the value and assign it elsewhere in the messsage?

So right now Rhasspy is saying "Turning on the lamp", which isn't terrible but I'd really like to get the qualifier (living room) in there.

The template node does not use the [ ] notation for arrays

Thank you, that did the trick

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